Choose the Best Security

Choosing the best lock depends on your specific application. How do you know which lock to choose?

You can feel safe with your first choice: American Lock. ALL American padlocks are strong and secure. However, the specific lock you choose will be dependent on your application, the environment in which you will be using the lock, and the fit you need.

Keep in mind that ALL American Lock products can be customized to meet your specific needs. American Lock’s make-to-order capabilities allow us to create tailored security solutions for your applications.

Choose from the following:

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Specs for Choose the Best Security

Lock materials

Solid steel — Choose solid steel when you need maximum security. American Lock solid steel padlocks are the strongest padlocks available and offer the highest protection for commercial buildings, industrial plants and perimeters, remote or unattended properties and high risk areas. Their hardened, triple plated steel bodies resist break-in attempts, corrosion, rust and debris.

Solid stainless steel — Choose solid stainless steel when you need strong security as well as the highest resistance to the harshest weather and caustic or salty conditions. With stainless steel shackles that resist cutting and sawing, American Lock stainless steel padlocks also are corrosion-resistant. They're designed to secure equipment and buildings in outdoor or corrosive environments, such as heavy-duty industrial or marine and coastal environments.

Solid brass — Choose solid brass when your lock will be exposed long-term to outdoor or corrosive elements. American Lock solid brass padlocks resist moisture, including saltwater, offering ideal protection to equipment and buildings in the harshest outdoor or corrosive environments. They’re ideal for protecting marine equipment, industrial plants and perimeters, sheds, gates and outbuildings.

Solid aluminum — Choose solid aluminum when you need color-coded, weather resistant, lightweight padlocks. American Lock’s top-selling solid aluminum padlocks are made from an exclusive aluminum alloy, offering protection similar to brass in most harsh or caustic environments. They’re a less expensive way to protect utility storage areas, sheds, gates and outbuildings.

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Lock body sizes and shapes

American Lock offers the widest range of lock body sizes and shapes in solid steel, brass and aluminum to fit each and every security application, including:

  • Body shapes including rectangular, round (flat back hidden shackle and round body), or shrouded shackle
  • Rectangular body sizes ranging from the smallest rectangular padlock at 1-1/2" wide and 3/4" thick to the largest at 3" wide and 1" thick
  • Heavy duty round body locks at 2-7/8" wide

No matter what your application, we have a lock to fit.

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Shackle lengths and materials

To fit your specific application, American Lock offers a wide range of shackle options, including extra-length shackles. Shackle length options include 1" to 4-1/2", and diameters span 3/16" to 7/16".

Shackle materials include:

  • Shrouded and hidden shackles — for the greatest resistance to cut attacks
  • Hardened boron alloy — the standard shackle option for superior cut resistance
  • Hardened steel — for greater security
  • Brass — for corrosion resistance
  • Stainless steel — for corrosion resistance and greater cut resistance than brass

We also offer chains for you to attach to the shackle so the lock cannot be removed from your security application. Chain options include zinc-plated or solid brass at lengths of 9" or 13".

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Keying options

American Lock offers both non-rekeyable and rekeyable models. All can be factory keyed to your requirements. However, only rekeyable products can be serviced later in the field.

Keyed Different (KD) — Each padlock has its own key. This is the standard for all products unless requested otherwise.

Keyed Alike (KA) — Padlocks can be opened with the same key, offering convenience and eliminating multiple keys for those who use numerous padlocks.

Master Keyed (MK) — In this system, one key can access one or more separate groups of padlocks or cylinders that are each operated by their own change keys. This is ideal for supervisor access.

Plus, American Lock offers key retaining or deadlocking options, which prevent the padlock from being left unlocked — the keys cannot be removed while the padlock is open. And we also offer restricted keyways — restricted key systems with factory controlled keys that aren’t available at a locksmith, so there is less chance of unauthorized key duplication.

For full keying flexibility facility-wide, American Lock offers more than 60 padlock, door hardware or small format interchangeable core keyways. Choose from:

Over twenty pin-tumbler, tubular and blade padlock cylinder options. Twenty-five key in knob door hardware cylinders allow your padlocks to match your door locks for single system convenience. And you can match your door security system with 16 interchangeable core keyways, including Best®, Arrow® and Falcon®. With your existing records, American Lock can re-create and expand your current key system.

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Key charting

This service for registered end users maintains the series of key numbers for five- or six-pin padlocks. When the keys are blind coded, key numbers are maintained in a chart — so a user can simply call to order the next key number in the sequence or a replacement key.

The charting system is perfect for medium to large installations where key management — knowing which key is assigned to which individual — is important. In particular, safety directors benefit from key charting by knowing there is no duplication within the facility.

For those who manage safety lockout applications at a medium or large facility, American Lock can offer 80,000 unique key cuts per plant location — eliminating the chance of duplication, helping to prevent lockout related accidents, and making it easier to maintain OSHA requirements.

For key charting registration information, please click here.

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Custom marking

To customize your locks, you can laser engrave up to six areas on your brass, aluminum or Weatherbuilt padlocks. Engrave your company logo or any alphanumeric characters for safety lockout purposes, employee or department identification or company or institutional/school branding.

Keys can be hard stamped to include up to eight characters such as a name or key number.

For custom laser engraving information, please click here.

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