American Lock 100TH Anniversary: 1912 – 2012

No-Nonsense Product

The year 2012 was not on John Junkunc’s radar in 1912 when the immigrant machinist from Hungary invented the world’s first keyless, dial combination padlock. His focus instead was on creating an advanced, superior security product. One hundred years later, and Junkunc’s dream has become a standard within American Lock Company.

With solid body construction, Weatherbuilt™ padlock protection, American Lock Edge™ Key Control, and patented BumpStop® Advanced Cylinder Technology, Junkunc’s no–nonsense strategy is still evident from solid steel padlocks to heavy duty hasps.

The Locksmith’s Lock

More than any other lock producer, American Lock embodies extraordinary serviceability within innovative devices, led by its renowned Solid Body Padlocks. These are products that locksmiths can handle with ease and promote with pride. American Lock’s connection with locksmiths has become the envy of the industry, earning the moniker, “The Locksmith’s Lock.”

As an ode to John Junkunc and the Locksmiths that he began serving 100 years ago, American Lock will begin promoting a brand new, 100TH Anniversary commemorative A700 neon sign in July 2012. This limited edition, limited time sign showcases the roots of American Lock Company with a modern feel.

To further celebrate this milestone, padlock models A5200, A700, A5260 and A2010 will be manufactured with the 100TH Anniversary logo on the body. Place your order between August 2012 and the end of third quarter 2013 to receive these limited time commemorative pieces.

Be a part of history by adding American Lock 100TH Anniversary logos and images to your security hardware websites and literature. Visit, Promotions, 100TH Anniversary and download your materials today.

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