Solid Body Padlocks

You have to be tough to wear the name ‘American Lock.’ Providing industrial grade security, our high security products are solid body, case-hardened padlocks precision machined from top quality bars of steel, brass and aluminum for extra strength.

These tough one-piece padlocks are drilled to exact body dimensions and impact resistant, with no rattling of parts or entry points for moisture or debris.

To add to your lock’s security, shackle options include boron alloy, hardened steel, stainless steel and brass. And American Lock offers a wide range of security solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Solid Steel — Maximum security

American Lock solid steel padlocks are the strongest padlocks available, with hardened, triple plated steel bodies that resist break-in attempts, corrosion, rust and debris. Hardened boron alloy shackles offer superior protection against cutting, while serrated cylinder pins resist picking.

Solid Stainless Steel — Highest corrosion resistance with strong security

American Lock solid stainless steel padlocks are built to provide strong security in highly corrosive conditions. Their stainless steel shackles offer strong resistance to cutting and sawing, while their complete corrosion-resistant construction fights harsh weather and corrosive conditions in heavy-duty industrial and marine environments.

Solid Brass — Corrosion-resistant security

American Lock solid brass padlocks resist moisture, including saltwater, offering ideal protection to equipment and buildings in even the harshest outdoor or corrosive environments. Hardened boron alloy shackles are chrome plated for corrosion resistance, with rust-resistant brass shackles available as the best option for marine applications.

Solid Aluminum — Safety lockout and durable security

American Lock solid aluminum padlocks are a top-seller made from an exclusive aluminum alloy, offering strong protection against the elements and in harsh environments. Most have hardened boron alloy steel shackles for superior cut resistance, which are chrome plated for extra corrosion resistance. These lightweight, durable padlocks offer an economical way to protect utility storage areas, sheds, gates and outbuildings and are offered in nine colorful anodized finishes for easy identification.

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