Safety Lockout

American Lock’s industrial strength safety lockout products — solid aluminum padlocks, identification labels and hasps — help you successfully develop and implement the best lockout/tagout system for your facility.

American Lock aluminum padlocks, labels and hasps are standardized and meet OSHA 1910.147 lockout requirements.

These durable solid aluminum padlocks are made from an exclusive aluminum alloy and are offered in nine anodized high visibility colors for easy identification on jobs. They’re ideal for lockout/tagout uses and are offered in a full range of widths, shackle diameters and lengths. These padlocks stand up to harsh and caustic environments like food processing or washdowns and are lightweight, so they’re ideal to carry from lockout job to lockout job.

Most come with hardened boron alloy steel shackles for superior cut resistance and are chrome plated for extra corrosion resistance — a brass shackle option is offered on some models. Their dual ball bearing locking mechanism resists pulling and prying. Plus, laser engraving lets you permanently add employee information on padlocks for lockout identification compliance.

Padlock labels let you personalize padlocks in your facility to make users immediately identifiable. And our steel lockout hasps come in a popular scissors style and two sizes. They feature locking tabs for extra pry resistance; their red coating identifies safety application.

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