Service Kits

Pin and Service Kits

American Lock product service kits include critical component parts and service tools, including pins, springs, shackles, cylinders, actuators, trap doors, key gauges and followers.

With these kits, locks can be keyed and rekeyed to meet the requirements of any system. The service parts are available separately to replenish kits.

Please refer to the American Lock Price List for a list of components and replacement parts within each kit.

Specifications for Service Kits

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Lock Lubricant

Master Lock® Lock Lubricant can be used for lubricating the various lock components. The lubricants contain PTFE formulations that can be used for padlocks, door locks, automotive, marine, and multipurpose applications. The effective operating temperature range is -40°F to 500°F and helps de-ice pre-lubricated locks.

Specifications for Lock Lubricant

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