Keying Definitions

Keyed Different (KD)

Each padlock has its own key. This is the standard for all products unless requested otherwise.



Keyed Alike (KA)

Padlocks can be opened with the same key, offering convenience and eliminating multiple keys for those who use numerous padlocks.



Master Keyed (MK)

In this system, one key can access one or more separate groups of padlocks or cylinders that are each operated by their own individual change keys. This is ideal for supervisor access.



Rekeyable Padlocks

Five– or six–pin cylinders can be keyed differently, alike, master keyed or grand master keyed, with a variety of keyways. Replaceable cylinders and shackles make these padlocks easy to service.

Non-Rekeyable Padlocks

Factory–built keyed different, keyed alike, or master keyed. These padlocks are non-serviceable; shackles and cylinders cannot be replaced.

Door Key Compatible

American Lock’s door key compatible cylinders and padlocks mean the same key system can be used for all doors and padlocks, one key opens them all. This allows for greater key control, security, affordability and convenience. With hardened boron alloy shackles, our door key compatible padlocks offer superior resistance against bolt cutters and prying, while the dual ball bearing locking mechanism resists pulling and prying. Padlocks are rekeyable, with replaceable cylinders and shackles.

  • Padlock bodies accept the Edge™ Key Control cylinder as well as the following OEM cylinders: Medeco® #20W20000 six-pin cylinder; Schlage® six-pin key-in-knob; Assa® #65611; Lori® #1539; and Schlage® Primus® and GMS® cylinders
  • Changing keyways is easy–many keyways available to easily match most door security systems
  • Recreate and/or expand any current key system using existing records
  • Order cylinders both as part of a complete American Lock door key compatible padlock assembly, or separately, keyed up and ready to use
  • Available Keyways Chart

Interchangeable Core – Small and Large Format

American Lock offers small and large format interchangeable core padlocks and door locks that provide an instant security solution because they do not require disassembly to remove the core (cylinder). The control key fits into the padlock just like the user key, but actuates the interchangeable core retaining mechanism. This allows for removal and replacement of the core (cylinder) at any time.

  • Padlock bodies will accept the following standard size OEM cores: Arrow®, Best®, Best® PKS, Falcon®, Kaba®, Peaks®, KSP®, and Lori®
  • Changing cores is simple–match a door security system with 16 small format interchangeable core keyways, including Best,® Arrow® and Falcon®
  • Recreate and/or expand a current key system using existing records
  • Order cores both as part of a complete American Lock interchangeable core padlock assembly, or separately, keyed up and ready to use with any system
  • Available Keyways Chart

Edge® Key Control

Prevent unauthorized key duplication with this patented system. An innovative cylinder design with an additional locking mechanism creates numerous one-of-a-kind “virtual keyways.” This means that all operating keys are unique to a facility and new key blanks are only available at authorized dealers. Available with most American Lock padlocks. Learn More.

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