Combination Locks

American Lock combination padlocks, for use on lockers, bicycles and utility cabinets, feature a stainless steel case and a three-number combination dial. They are available with key control for supervisory access and a choice of dial face colors: blue, red, black, or green.

Featuring exclusive, patented BlockGuard® Anti-Shim Technology, these enhanced combination locks feature a unique flat latch that deters shimming — a method of violating the lock by inserting a specially designed tool into its latch mechanism.

An automatic scrambler moves the dial upon shackle closing to ensure that the lock is secure once closed.

Includes A400, A400K and A401K, with product specifications listed below.

A402 and A402K offer an enhanced security feature — an included shackle shroud to further deter shackle cutting or shimming. Product specifications listed below.

Specifications for Combination Locks

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