Government Padlocks

Effective on January 1, 2013 – NEW NSN's assigned for Solid Body Padlocks!
National Stock Numbers Listing

American Lock padlocks, made to exacting U.S. Government standards, have protected assets at facilities throughout the world, securing high-value military property, withstanding extensive use and harsh environments, and defeating attempts to breach security.

For over 60 years, American Lock has provided military locks to every segment of the U.S. Government, to include the Department of Defense (DOD), Military Services, Defense Agencies, as well as the General Services Administration (GSA), and the Coast Guard. With an unmatched line of security products, American Lock has more than 60 National Stock Numbers (NSNs) assigned to its product line to meet government requirements.

The A5200GL and ASL40 solid body government locks are designed to stringent government standards CID-A-A-59486 and CID-A-A-59487. They feature a bump resistant, five-pin tumbler cylinder with more than 10,000 key changes and a dual locking mechanism for superior pry resistance. For added security, all models have non-removable keys.

  • You can combine individual locks into custom sets consisting of any quantity or keying combination
  • More than 10,000 key changes available for maximum pick resistance and dual locking mechanism for superior pry resistance
  • Padlocks can be keyed alike or master keyed and are available with extra length shackles and laser engraving marking
  • Non-removable keys available for added security, and chain attachments are available to attach to the shackle so the lock cannot be removed
  • Brass shackle option upgrade, available on brass padlocks, offers extra protection against the elements

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